It’s Time to Re-Think ‘It’s All Who You Know’

The Way You Show Your Love Matters
May 4, 2014

When you hear the phrase, “It’s all who you know,” what do you think of?Influential people who can open a door for your career? Friends in high places who can throw you a bone? I think it’s time we look at the phrase differently.

It’s hard to find a career out there that doesn’t benefit from networking in some way. The sometimes-awkward process of meeting new people on a professional level is practically essential to success. You never know who you’ll run into who can change your career, your life, for the better—and vice versa. But there’s a certain “food chain” mentality that seems to permeate a lot of industries when it comes to networking. We think, “In this industry, it’s all who you know,” and the “who” stands for those in power, for those at the top of the food chain. The context has become “if I make friends with people at the top, I could be at the top one day too.”

That’s not necessarily wrong, but I do believe there’s another way to look at that mantra. The “who” doesn’t have to be someone at the top, and it doesn’t even have to be someone who can help you right then and there. You may not even be able to help each other in any way shape or form, for now. The “who” is simply someone who you recognize is passionate for the industry you’re in—someone who has potential coursing through their veins. They could be at the bottom of the food chain, but one day they won’t be, and neither will you.

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